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I’m Jamie

         I'm a birth and post-partum doula, placenta encapsulation specialist and childbirth educator. I've been in love with all things birth for five years. I'm a mother of three and have experienced birth center and hospital birth. I have been deeply supported and on the other end, traumatized. Through my healing and work as a doula, I've found that the key factors in a radically empowered birth experience are unconditional support and informed consent. I stand by the philosophy that the environment and support team have a monumental effect on the mother's confidence in her ability to birth and because of this, great care should be taken to honor her vulnerability. 

       We're stepping out of the dark ages of birth and harnessing our body's innate wisdom. Our DNA carries the memories of all the births before us! I believe in the human form and my passion in life is to remind others of their built-in intelligence. 

      I first came to Costa Rica to work as a live-in post-partum doula for a client. With my daughter on my back, we flew out on her first birthday to serve a new family. On Christmas Day, we found our humble mountain home with a view of the ocean and have been here ever since. I'm here to offer my education, experience and love to expecting families so the day they meet their baby leaves a lasting imprint of joy on their heart.