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My personal philosophy is both cerebral and somatic, subjective and objective - it is a marriage of ancient wisdom and modern science, with a special focus on the energetic dynamics and spiritual growth that accompany the childbearing year. 
I believe in the potency of a woman's internal compass in the presence of her unfolding birth. I believe in the innate ability of her partner to lift her up. Equally, I believe in the power of education as a freedom tool for families as we reclaim and reinvent our birth culture. As a servant in these spaces, I vow to be mother-led, following her into the wilderness of the soul. I vow to provide unbiased, evidence-based information to each family and to advocate for their rights and sovereignty should the need arise. 

I believe in the healing that arises from being fully witnessed and as a doula, I am here to witness your evolution and to provide safe containers to process and tell your story within.

I believe in reestablishing ritual in parenting, cultivating community, and activating the magical parts of ourselves that are much needed in this pilgrimage of the heart.

Jamie Satori. Birth, bereavement, postpartum and death doula. Holistic childbirth educator. Placenta Encapsulation Specialist. Ritualist.


The effort to separate the physical experience of childbirth from the mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of this event has served to dis-empower and violate women.

— Mary Rucklos Hampton