Placenta Services + Art

  • restores hormone and iron stores after birth
  • induces the hormone oxytocin
    • promotes mother/baby bonding
    • supports milk supply
    • promotes contractions to aid in uterus                                                      returning to pre-pregnancy size
  • helps reduce onset of perinatal mood disorders
  • nutrient rich
  • tincture is placenta steeped in alcohol making a strong remedy after six weeks for added support
  • framed cord keepsake (as shown above)

The placenta is selfless, giving of itself to support mother and child even after birth. In some cultures, it's considered to be "the forgotten chakra". I'm blessed to work with these sacred organs and offer it's magic to new families. I offer raw or steamed encapsulation in vegan capsules.

Investment $200 



Hourly Post-Partum Care

  • household tasks
    • laundry (cloth diapers, clothes, linens)
    • dishes
    • floors
    • bathrooms
  • meal prep
  • smoothies and salads 
    • smoothies can include placenta for optimal healing
  • sibling help
  • newborn care 
    • care while parents sleep
    • diaper changes
    • feeding (if bottle fed)
  • breastfeeding resources

Investment per hour $15

Post-partum is so forgotten in today's cultures, and the effects are obvious as epidemics of perinatal mood disorders paint a picture of isolation and overwhelm. It really does take a village! Sometimes villages are small or families are far away. A post-partum doula steps in to offer unbiased support and share invaluable knowledge regarding this time. Whether you need help with your to-do list, a busy sibling, getting sleep, or finding resources, your doula is by your side as you transition.